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If you do not have shell access, you can run the commands from cron by setting up a temporary cron job.

For files use: To check for recent file changes on your system use these commands from putty (SSH - secure shell) or via a cron job.

IF you have permissions to access SSH (secure shell) via putty you can chmod the files and directories.

When using the command by putty or a cron job, the use of the full physical path to public_html is recommended for best results.

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Do check with your hosting provider to see if they have purposely secured the server your site is on; and that they or you perform regular (weekly) security updates to keep the server up to date.

A rule of thumb is the less you pay, the less they care Check that the original template file does or does not insert the unwanted code/Malicious Javascript or that you downloaded a paid for template from a non trusted source eg file sharing sites Gumblar doesn’t use any particular script vulnerability.

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This script is injected into every web page ( I would imagine though not confirmed, if infected page is edited then saved it will also be in database) on a site.

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