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Dating mutual sympathy

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How do you teach a child right from wrong without being too tough, or slipping into abuse? Over the long term, the routine use of corporal punishment, such as spanking, not only fails to change behavior for the better, but has also been shown to increase aggression in children.

"We always think we should start with, 'How do you think so-and-so felt?

' But you will be more successful if you start with, 'You must have felt very upset.' The trick is to When children are able to understand their own feelings, they are closer to being able to understand that Johnny was also hurt and upset by being bitten - that "switch" is the spark for a change in behavior.

In Athens, future leaders were brought up in a more nurturing and peaceful way, at home with their mothers and nurses, starting education in music and poetry at 6.

They became pioneers of democracy, art, theater and culture.

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  2. "Every kid I interviewed, at least those 10 and older, told me a story about how their dad had this person stay over and they were supposed to believe she was sleeping in a separate room," Fisher said.

  3. Are you thinking about suicide or concerned about someone else? Grassroots isn't able to intervene directly, but on this page you'll find our suggestions plus several helplines, links, and apps that can help you stay alive.