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Wertmüller’s favorite actor, Giancarlo Gianni, plays Tunin, a freckle-faced farm boy sent to Rome to assassinate Il Duce. His contact, a prostitute named Salomè (Mariangela Melato), allows him room and board in the brothel where he meets and falls for Tripolina (Lina Polito), who throws a kink in his suicide mission.

Um nicht zu frieren, kuscheln sich die beiden eng nebeneinander.Both Love & Anarchy and Swept Away are great, but Seven Beauties is in a league all by itself. Gianni returns as Pasqualino, a Charlie Chaplin-esque fool who bumbles his way from the burlesque stage into the horrors of World War II concentration camps. Während Flo telefoniert, muss die "Köln 50667"-Blondine eine schwere Nebelmaschine in den Transporter einladen.Im Laderaum streiten sich die beiden heftig und merken dabei nicht, dass sie sich aus Versehen selbst eingesperrt haben...

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In the 1970s, she was one of the dominant, and most provocative, Italian filmmakers. art-house theaters, Laraine Newman impersonated her on Saturday Night Live, critics Pauline Kael and Molly Haskell took her gender politics to task, and Seven Beauties earned her a Best Director nomination at the 1977 Academy Awards, the first for a female director.